Wolf and Environmental Education

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Shadowland Foundation

Wolves in california

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$125/ hour

$325 for 3 sessions - Donation - $50 Savings

$550 for 5 sessions - Donation - $75 Savings

$1,100 for 10 sessions - Donation - $150 Savings

 The Native Americans believe that wolves are our teachers in body, mind and spirit

We invite you to join us and experience the serenity and sanctuary only nature has to offer.

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* All Donations are non-refundable and go towards our wolf education programs and our mission to "Educate Not Eradicate."

Shadowland Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization.
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She encourages visitors to allow the Wolves  to teach us how to love  unconditionally.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Reverend Colette Duvall has been raising, studying and living with wolves for the last 10 years. Her best Spiritual Teachers have been the wolves themselves. Through the eyes of these prehistoric creatures her personal journey has been enhanced tenfold; these animals are healers.

Inspired by the wolves, the Wolf Wisdom Gatherings started 4 years ago and continue every 3rd Sunday at 11AM here on the ranch, Freedom. If you would like to feel the healing of the wolves and let them teach you by a mere look into your eyes, let them see into the window to your being, you will take a Spiritual journey, like no other.

About Rev. Colette

Reverend Colette Duvall Pondella, is licensed by the Emerson Theological Institute. As a Wolfmom, she dedicated to help save wolves in the wild as Co-Founder of the Shadowland Foundation and it’s educational programs; and on a mission to let wolves help us remember “Who We Really Are”, Spiritual beings on a Spiritual journey with a Divine Purpose led by our Heart’s Desires.


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We invite you to come experience the serenity and sanctuary only nature has to offer. There will be music, wisdom of the ages, Native American ceremony, meditation and the wolves, of course.

Surrounded by the National Forest and the  Shadowland Foundation Wolf Ambassadors in "Nature's Classroom,"  reclaim, reveal, release and share your "Gift"; your true nature.

​Your generous donations help promote and support Shadowland Foundation's ongoing commitment to Wolf and Environmental Education and teaching about wolves and their invaluable contribution to the planet.
"Educate not Eradicate"

One on One Confidential Sessions

In person at Ranch Freedom or Online Via Skype

Every 3rd Sunday of the month from 11 am - 2 pm

at the Ranch Freedom

18832 Pine Canyon Rd. Lake Hughes, CA 93532

Private Spiritual Life Coaching