Cosequin DS is what allows for the wolves to stay active as well as helps to prevent the breakdown of existing cartilage, while increasing production.

This is what we give Alaska after her surgery and it did wonders for her.  It not only helps with joints but can make their coat strong and silky smooth thanks to the fish oil that is in Cosequin DS.  This will help in keeping our wolves mobile for awhile yet.

Grizzly Pollock Oil is a great source of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that the wolves need to help benefit their health in multiple ways.  This can provide benefits to their skin, coat health, as well as keep their joints healthy, and  keep their cardio health up.  All of these benefits are important to the wolves survival, not only in the wild but in captivity as well. We use 3 tablespoons in each of the 5 bowls and mix it with the Earthborn Holistic. Yummy for the tummy.

Taste of the Wild makes up a large part of our wolves diet, not only does it meet their nutritional needs with meats, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and antioxidants, they really love the taste. Taste of the Wild maintains high expectations and maintains relationships with suppliers they trust. From venison to bison and trout to duck all meat ingredients used in the Taste of the Wild formulas are USDA inspected and certified to ensure the best quality food. 

Wolf and Environmental Education

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Wolf Necessities

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This NaturVet product provides the wolves with probiotics and digestive enzymes.  These help them with breaking down the food that they intake to make sure they receive the optimal amount of nutrients for their daily diet.  It also help those with sensitive stomachs to ensure our wolves are feeling at their best all the time.  These are available in three sizes,  and we are grateful for any and all support that we receive.  

We use many different forms of enrichment for the wolves and one of them is training. Training keeps both their bodies and minds healthy. If they do good during the exercise they get a reward. Great Value Freeze-Dried Liver Bites are an excellent training motivator. They are easy to break apart into smaller pieces and they are 100% natural liver. Not only are they healthy for the wolves they are also super tasty!

Our most frequently asked question is, "What do the wolves eat?" Very generous people have offered to bring them treats and food as their preferred donation, however, they are on a very strict regimen in order to give them the balanced diet they need for  maximum health. We have devised this list of monthly necessities so you may contribute to our mission to "Educate not Eradicate" by helping us feed, nourish and train them properly.

The key ingredient to the diet of our wolves is a good meat source. Stella & Chewy's have a great patty formula that is healthy in more way than one. Not only is the diet grain free but it also helps with supporting a good looking coat, healthy teeth and gums, and good stomach health. All these factors are incredibly important for our wolves since they do not get the same diet of deer and elk as their wild counterparts do. This will help us with keeping our wolves healthy.