** Wild Animals are not legally allowed to become certified service animals, however the Shadowland Foundation Wolves have been socialized since birth and have hundreds of hours of expert professional training in order to bring them to interact with the public.**

All licenses,  permits and insurance documents are provided.

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Wolves & Wellness

diminished and leave feeling fulfilled and nurtured.  There is a wolf for every individual to relate to in our pack and they innately find each other, without effort or influence. Healing with wolves has been a byproduct of our mission to save wolves in the wild.  By hand raising a pack of our own, socializing them to people from an early age, letting them touch your hearts as they have touched ours, we  inadvertently created a "wolf therapy" environment for people in pain.

Colette Duvall Pondella (Co-Founder) - is a non-denominational spiritual minister and spiritual teacher dedicated to helping others like herself who are recovering and wish to recover from life events that have caused great pain and suffering.  Wolf Wisdom Healing Programs and Sacred Indigenous American Teachings have been her foundations for the healing she utilizes for herself and others. As a survivor of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, Bulimia and PTS, she knows that love... unconditional love is the best "medicine" of all.  The wolves are phenomenal instruments delivering deep meaningful healing at the heart level, possibly more than any other creature on the planet.

As part of our mission to "Educate not Eradicate" we have learned so much about how wolves relate to each other and to us... their kindred species.  The pack dynamic has revealed and unveiled a truly "human" emotional, relational, and symbiotic connection between us and them.  Although, there are many similarities to highlight one stands out really clearly... they love us; wholly and unconditionally.  Without any preconceived notions, once they know the smell of you as friendly, they make you part of the pack.

Not unlike us, an injured wolf in the wild will go off and heal, "lick its wounds" so as not to compromise the survival of the pack.  They return when they are stronger and able to take responsibilities.  There is also archaeological evidence to support that they take care of their sick and injured.  In our pack, if one calls out in distress,all come running to take care of the issue.  Like us, they have incurred injuries, suffered loss,

Paul Pondella (Founder) -  Wild animals have always been a foundation of healing for Paul since childhood... first being ostracized at school and by his family for being dyslexic and then later in life turning to drugs and alcohol.  Sober now for 23 years, he continues to do service bringing hope, faith and spiritual guidance to others in need of assistance through recovery in nature's classroom.

had conflicts, and recovered with help from us and each other.  Thousands of people from all walks of life of all different ages have come to spend time with our pack and all tell us they have been changed by their experience.  The most verbal have been suffering in some way.  Whether it is alcoholism, drug addiction, a Veteran, cancer, autism, cerebral palsy, PTSD, or people mourning... they come feeling depleted and 

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