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He became certified in CPR and First-Aid for animals, and assisted the SPCA in rescuing wild animals; in particular, wolves. After adopting Shadow and then Alaska, Paul started training them with the best wild animal trainer in the motion picture industry to prepare them for programs working with children. Shortly after meeting Colette, and inspired by Shadow, Paul’s lifelong dream was initiated...Shadowland Foundation.  

Lou Noonan (Wellness Warrior) - has been in recovery since June 15th 2007. After nine plus years clean and sober, with the many ups and downs of the healing process, he found himself at odds with his Higher Power until making a visit to Shadowland Foundation and met the wolves. He immediately felt a connection to that “power greater himself” and after meeting Paul and Colette that connection has gotten even stronger. Ever since experiencing the wolves in such an intimate way, he says he is becoming a better husband, father, grandfather, and friend and and most importantly…his relationship with himself has changed 

Colette Duvall Pondella,Co-Founder,  has been teaching and facilitating programs for children and adults since high school. Most of her career has been in the entertainment industry in NY and Los Angeles. In 2003 she began exploring a Spiritual path and is currently a Non-Denominational Minister, offering her “Wolf Wisdom Gatherings" at the ranch, Freedom.

Paul Pondella, Founder, has been rescuing wild animals and bringing them to safety his entire life. A dyslexic and troubled child, his education came from his innate connection to animals and nature. This gave him a sense of purpose that ultimately saved his future.

In 1978, at the age of 18, taking a judge’s advice to get his act together, Paul put his love of the outdoors to work and started mowing lawns, trimming trees...starting the most prestigious tree maintenance company in Los Angeles.

Maddy  , Trainer, has been a trainer for both exotic and domestic animals in educational programs, shows, motion pictures, television and commercials, all over the world for more than 35 years.  She began her career as an animal trainer with Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife in California, where she cared for  a variety of non-domestic species: Felines: servals, lions, spotted and black leopards, tigers, bobcats and cougars; Canines: arctic and timber wolves, coyotes, foxes and domestic dogs; and Primates: chimpanzees, orangutans, baboons and smaller monkeys.  Credits include: THE DEER HUNTER, BLADE RUNNER,

Also dyslexic and from a troubled home, she too developed a passion for animals and nature, and the outdoors became her sanctuary.Meeting Paul at this extraordinary time in her life and the time sensitivity of his mission was only fortuitous for her. On Valentine’s Day, 2009, they picked Takoda together and started growing their pack …rekindling the relationship between man and wolf. She is passionate about and dedicated to these beautiful beings, and wants to make sure that they are known, respected and appreciated for their invaluable contribution to the human species, the environment, and the planet.

Your generous donations help promote and support Shadowland Foundation's ongoing commitment to Wolf and Environmental Education and teaching about wolves and their invaluable contribution to the planet.
"Educate not Eradicate"

CAT PEOPLE, AGAINST ALL ODDS, E.T., TURNER & HOOCH, MISERY, JURASSIC PARK, GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE, FANTASY ISLAND, LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. She has also worked with Siegfried & Roy - training and handling white tigers for magic shows in Las Vegas. In addition, Maddy privately trains dogs and exotic animals, personally raised chimps, and was a jockey for ostriches and camels at fairs and races. Besides training, Maddy has studied entomology, wildlife photography, and native wildlife in India. 

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Shadowland Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization.
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admiration for the canines, she visited the Ranch Freedom and fell in love with theShadowland Pack and their mission to help save wolves in the wild. She visited and attended Colette’s Wolf Wisdom Spiritual Gatherings every Sunday for almost a year, exploring that spiritual connection and making new friends and feeling more and  more at home with the wolves. As a result she was offered a volunteer position to work with the wolves, learn about pack dynamics and after two and a half years of hard work and dedication, she was offered a permanent position to care for and train with this beautiful pack.

Founders and Staff

Antoinette La Bomme, Trainer/ Handler, born and raised in Woodland Hills, California, grew up with and has loved animals all her life. Never quite fit in at school, always turned to her furry family members, music and athletics. She attended Santa Monica College majoring in Marine Biology and also volunteered at Heal the Bay. As an Aquarist, caring for the animals in the aquarium including Horn Sharks, Swell Sharks, Round Stingrays, Moon Jellies and other native species found in the Santa Monica Bay. Later she worked as a Naturalist teaching young children about the ecosystem and conservation.  Always, having an

.dramatically for the better. “I wish I could explain why in words, but the experience I'm feeling can only be felt in my heart.  My hope is that I can give that feeling away to others so they can experience what I have. As a member of the Shadowland Foundation Pack, I am committed to doing just that.”  

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