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Just imagine a special place...an environment where you can retreat and connect with the earth in its natural state surrounded by trees, flowers, running water, and wildlife; safely, serenely and peacefully. Imagine replenishing your soul with the unlimited energy inherit in, around and through all of us, freely given by nature. Imagine being transported to a different world, inhabited by a pack of wolves, our kindred species.

Imagine seeing your children in this environment, learning and experiencing life in a community ruled by the natural order of things in nature’s classroom.

Imagine what would happen in our personal, family and professional lives if everyone worked together towards a common goal like the wolf pack does? Can you imagine how instrumental it would be for a family, business or organization to have this once in a lifetime experience?

Living as a community where the individual honors and  respects the whole; their teachers...our wolves, the Shadowland pack. Imagine them having the opportunity to witness teamwork at its primal best; learning unity, communication, play, patience, loyalty, and unconditional acceptance. This is the behavior of the wolf. Within the pack, devotion to each other is not an exception, but the rule.

We, at Shadowland Foundation, see it very clearly; and it is here at Freedom. Paul Pondella has been imagining it his entire life...and it is now a reality. The ranch is 11 acres in Lake Hughes, CA with the National Forest as our backdrop. It is our ultimate vision to continue to develop this land into an Eco-park and Wetlands for the native wildlife and the public to enjoy and commune together in our endeavor to save the environment, by saving this essential species, the wolf.

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