"Very amazing experience!  Very educational and my favorite part was how interactive and hands-on the whole experience was.  Being able to touch and feel the wolves brought a whole new love and appreciation for these beautiful, wonderful, amazing creatures.  Your purpose and mission has my full support!  I will be sure to spread your message and goals here!"


                                    -Anthony and Sydney

"It's been a dream of mine to get up close to a wolf since I was young and what an experience!  Our family stayed in the cabin last night and heard the pack howling at night and saw them in person today! I learned a lot about these amazing creatures today and I am so glad that we came.   Thank you!"



Having a private tour with the wolves was one of the most humbling experiences of my life.  When we were spending time with them I felt a connection and a sense of belonging. I’m a Christian in faith, but there was something about the spiritual connection I felt that left me really missing them for the next few days. When we got home later that night I asked my brother “Dude, do you feel that? Does it feel like we’re missing something?” and he said “Ya man that was crazy I really miss them too.” My younger brother is very stoic, so I knew that if he felt the same thing I did than I wasn’t crazy and what we experienced was real. I wanted to do something, I wanted to be able to help and give back but I don’t have a lot to give. So I decided all of the camouflage painting I was doing for all my friends for fun, would become a bridge for me to connect to the wolves and give back. I set out to sell camouflaged Hydro Flasks in my free time and give all of the profits back to the Shadowland Foundation. Its been a very fulfilling and positive experience for me and I can’t wait to see the wolves again. 

                                - Bruce Owen

This was a very beautiful experience. At first, when I first saw the wolves I didn’t know what to expect but immediately, as I got more comfortable and relaxed, I felt a tremendous amount of peace. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about these animals and there is a lot we can learn from them. They are very majestic and healing, being in their presence. It was a very positive experience for myself and my family and I highly recommend coming and visiting this beautiful facility.


This was absolutely terrific! We learned so much about wolves and it was great to see them up close and personal, in a way you never would anywhere else! The wolves are beautiful, we loved being with them, petting and loving them.

                                    Diana and William

Most Recent Compliments.

These are some of the testimonials that those who have participated and enjoyed our private experience, student groups, and Air BNB experiences here at Shadowland Foundation. 

Thank you SO MUCH!!!!! We had a lovely time. Your work is so important and special. Belly rubbing Freedom will stay with me forever. Let me know when the pond works!! We all want to come back LOL and the friends who didn't come are so jealous!!!!! Again, thank you so very much!

“Meeting the Wolves and getting to have a conversation with Collette and Paul was amazing. They were very accommodating and the wolves were very open to interacting. Would definitely recommend this and learning more of how important Wolves are to the world.”

“I cannot express enough how amazing this experience was. From start to finish, everything was perfect. The sanctuary was beautiful and well-maintained. Collette was knowledgeable and friendly, and they clearly had a deep love and respect for the wolves. They gave us a thorough safety briefing and made sure we understood how to behave around the wolves. When we finally entered the enclosure, my heart was pounding with excitement. The wolves were absolutely stunning - their eyes were piercing and intelligent. We were able to get so close to them and feed them. The wolves were so gentle and curious. It was an incredible feeling to connect with such a powerful and majestic animal. Overall, I cannot recommend this experience enough. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget. If you have the opportunity to do this, do not hesitate - it is worth every penny.”
            -Hiba (Dubai)

Most amazing and educating experience I have ever had.  Love these animals so much - My family and I will definitely be back.  It was perfect!


“My Boyfriend surprised me for my birthday and I knew from the moment I set my eyes on the pack that I would be back for another visit very soon.  The educational portion was great and opened my eyes to the constant struggle that wolves have faced and their place and importance in our eco system.  Having the opportunity to meet and interact with the pack was incredible.  A few months after my first visit I brought my friends and family back for a private visit and they didn’t disappoint. They are incredibly intelligent and beautiful animals and this was a one of a kind experience.”

                                   - Alison Boyle

“We loved the experience - Colette was very kind, enthusiastic, and a great educator on why wolves are important to ecosystems. After a casual meetup on the property, she talked in detail about their story, the importance of reintroduction of wolves in the wild, and the wolfdogs she and her husband have adopted. Then, we got a lot of nice time to play with the pups on the property and watch them interact. Colette was great about giving each of us personal time to feed and pet them (if they were interested) and was really good about helping us take pictures. Overall the wolves seemed happy and healthy, and it was cool to see them interact as a pack. We had a great time!”

"Students were enthralled and deeply moved by the gentleness, beauty and intelligence of the wolves. Being able to interact with the wolves was a unique and awesome experience for our students."
                                       - Sheri Werner, Director, Foundations School Community

"I'll never look at wolves the same way after Shadowland’s assembly. I now know that they are a beautiful and necessary part of nature."                     
                                      - Nancy Beckham, 7th Grade History Teacher & Department Chair, South Pasadena Middle School

"Students were captivated by the program."      

                                      - Rudy Perez, School Police

"You could have heard a pin drop as eight hundred seventh and eight graders sat mesmerized by Shadowland’s presentation about wolves. Every student followed up the assembly by writing letters to return wolves to the Endangered Species List."
                                      - Sandie Wells, 7th Grade English Teacher & Department Chair, South Pasadena Middle School

"Without a doubt the most motivational program I’ve ever seen."
                                       - James Ream, President, LA Unified School Police

"Thank you sooooo much! You guys have been the talk of the town! Especially how gentle Takoda was with the baby!
We couldn't get over how he took to the baby! We loved your presentation.
                                       - Kytti Armand, The Enlightened Path Center, Palm Desert, CA

"I want to tell you how great your talk was. You are so special and beautiful, and the wolves are magnificent.
Keep up the good work!"
                                      - Jay Willick

"The work done with and for these beautiful creatures is inspiring. Please continue your passion for the wolves."
                                      - Shawn Orr 

"Magical experiences don't happen every day. Having your wolves come to my home was not only magical, but informative, fun and exciting. You make the whole experience something that everyone at all ages can enjoy. From learning about how wolves live in the wild to getting to interact with them in a safe and intimate way, is something we will all treasure as a precious memory." 

                                      - John Livesay

Shadowland depends on your support.

Visits and Private Wolf Experiences

"I've been fascinated with wolves for most of my adult life.  In fact, my daughter once asked me if I have any T-shirts that DON’T have wolves on them!  But my visit to Shadowland to play with the wolves was an eye-opening experience!  I didn’t realize what gentle, affectionate  animals these majestic creatures could be.  My grandchildren and I interacted with the pack for more than an hour and a half.  It was well worth the additional cost for this one-on-one experience. These amazing creatures maintain a “family” structure within the pack from which most humans could learn.  Your efforts to educate people and save the few wolves we have left in the wild is commendable and heart-warming.  We WILL be back as several other family members now want this same awesome interactive experience. 

                                      -Suzanne Dyer

                                        Irvine, CA

We LOVED our time with you and the wolves. Thank you so much for this incredible gift. It was truly life-changing for my group. We were very touched by everything you do for those noble animals and the beautiful consciousness you do it with. The love and the joy we received was out of this world. Thank you! Much love and light.
    - Michelle Karén , M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.
                                      Astrologer, Shaman, Conference Speaker,

                                      Author of the best selling book Astrology For Enlightenment (Atria Books, Simon & Schuster, NY)

"I made a special 6 hour round trip to visit Shadowland on a recent trip to the USA. It was well worth it, an amazing experience to be accepted by a pack of wolves and walk amongst them. I wish Shadowland well in their endeavour to educate the public about wolves and their part in wild."
                                     - Bill Simpson

                                       Hamilton, New Zealand

“My Boyfriend surprised me for my birthday and I knew from the moment I set my eyes on the pack that I would be back for another visit very soon.  The educational portion was great and opened my eyes to the constant struggle that wolves have faced and their place and importance in our eco system.  Having the opportunity to meet and interact with the pack was incredible.  A few months after my first visit I brought my friends and family back for a private visit and they didn’t disappoint. They are incredibly intelligent and beautiful animals and this was a one of a kind experience" 

                                     - Alison Boyle

"All of you are amazing! The group I was with today thoroughly enjoyed our visit with all the Shadowland people and wolves. Such a special and memorable day for us all and we look forward to spreading the word about you to anyone we can get to listen to us. We are already talking about when we can come for our next visit."
                                    - Stephanie Milner

"Thank you again for allowing us to bring our granddaughters to see the wolves.  To say it's been a life changing experience for them would be an understatement. They absolutely loved all of the wolves! Both girls have talked about the experience ever since."
                                     - Patty Rottman

"The wolves are amazing. They are embracing, loving, beautiful and strong. It’s a truly great thing to be around them."                                         - Daniel (14 years old)

"If you've never been to Shadowland to play with the wolves I highly recommend you go! Being able to be that close to these majestic is life changing!"      

                                     - Nikki Yrineo

"Thank you so much for allowing my friends and I to come up to meet the wolves! It was a great experience to interact with them and to also learn all about their pack and your conservation efforts. We all couldn't stop talking about how cool it was to be able to mingle amungst these beautiful wolves!"
                                     - Carly Schmid

"The wolves were so fun and energetic. I loved spending time with them!"

                                     - Wyatt (14 years old)

"Thank you so much for having us over to meet your babies. They are great animals. So beautiful and the pups are so cute. You are doing such a great job in educating the public on the importance of the wolves. Keep up the good work and hope tovisit again soon."
                                     - Nick & Michelle Brett

"Being with these magnificent wolves was like being in another world! All they do is love! They are the most amazing creatures in the world!"
                                     - Hannah Blaisdell

"It was absolutely amazing to camp out at the Shadowland Freedom Ranch. To be able to hear the wolves howl at night and in the morning was exciting and so special.  Madeline will never forget this experience and has forever bonded with the wolves. Madeline who is 7 years old, was watching a program on Elk when they told the story of the decimation of wolves. They showed a wolf being dragged across the snow by a hunter. This sent her into tears for twenty minutes. She then wrote this:

Save the wolves!!!
Protect Them!!!
Love Them!!!

I Will Save Them !!!
Save the Wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew then, at that instance, that a calling was born and some innocence lost."

                                      - Kim Convy

"Thank You for letting me meet the pack. What a wonderful experience. You both are amazing people for caring for these wonderful wolves."
                                      - Rona Weber

Hands down, the best experience of our entire trip! A once in a lifetime opportunity and Colette was so wonderfully warm and provided so much helpful education about the wolves and the foundation. I can’t recommend this enough. ❤️”

“Colette was a lovely host who provided a great experience for us to learn about wolves and their environmental impact. The wolves were also super friendly and adorable. A unique experience!”

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