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Inspire individuals and organizations to develop and attain their highest potential. Wolves exemplify innate individuality and at the same time, true interdependence; each holds a unique, honored position vital to the success of the whole.

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An exciting 2 hour program that teaches about Wolf and Envoironmental Education and the true nature of wolves and their importance to the environment.
This is our most popular program, and from it, all have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for these majestic animals.

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Motivates teens towards self- empowerment, to build strong communities, develop the tools and strengths to make the right choices, to accept others, discover and honor their individuality; inspiring passion and a unique sense of purpose.


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Shadowland Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization.
Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
Tax ID number 27-1026224.

Wolf and Environmental Education

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Teen Motivation

Your generous donations help promote and support Shadowland Foundation's ongoing commitment to Wolf and Environmental Education and teaching about wolves and their invaluable contribution to the planet.
"Educate not Eradicate"

Hosting a Shadowland Foundation program, gives us the opportunity to dispel all misconceptions about wolves and their "scary" reputation, and to share about their importance to ourselves, the environment and the planet, with a fun and fact filled presentation, followed by a Question & Answer period.

Then, everyone has the chance to play with the wolves in a safe, responsible and professional atmosphere.

Power of the Pack