Wolf Education & Healing


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Shadowland Foundation

Wolves in california

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: With all our programs, it is our intention to expose, educate, and eradicate the myths and misconceptions about this magnificent creature, the wolf. Wolves in nature mimic the human being more closely than any other species on our planet. We are confident that as people get to know and experience our pack, they will love them as we do; making way for future generations to live in harmony with them and each other.

Vision: Everything we have created has been designed with our younger generation in mind. They are the pioneers and guardians of our future and armed with the truth, we know, they will certainly bring peace and harmony to our planet, forever. We believe that we must assist in healing the damage we have done to ourselves and our planet. We see this happening in our lifetime. The wolves have known us since the beginning of time. We must trust them to trust ourselves again.

*We are neither breeders nor a rescue organization*

"Educate not Eradicate"