The ranch, Freedom is an 11 acre private and gated property with plenty of parking for your guests.
We can accommodate seating for up to 100 people. Our staff will operate our sound and video equipment and oversee all the details to ensure your Ceremony is unique and personalized.

*If requested, a Spiritual Service or Celebration of Life can be performed by Reverend Colette Pondella. Outside Catering, Dove Release and Honor Guards are welcome.

Hoop of Life

Enjoy the beauty and majesty of the Angeles Crest National Forest. This Ceremony is inspired by the lessons we learned from the Indigenous Americans when studying their ancient relationship and coexistence with wolves. All life, being Sacred, makes this Ceremony unique and offers a renewed connection with this amazing kindred species and the planet on which we are stewards of. You may use this prayer for any occasion, celebration or for healing. In this beautiful, natural setting with so many special amenities, we have designed an event like no other.


Shadowland Foundation

Wolves in california

This Ceremony is meant to be educational with lessons learned from the Indigenous Americans and their ancient relationship and coexistence with wolves.

*Donations will vary based on number of guests

and hours for your event.*

All proceeds go to help the Shadowland Foundation's wolf education programs and it's mission to "Educate not Eradicate."

Indigenous American Ceremony

Hoop of Life Prayer Circle

This ceremony is inspired by the ancient Hoop of Life ceremonies of the Indigenous Americans, often called a Medicine Wheel. There are seven directions. East, South, West, North, Father Sky, Mother Earth, and You. Each direction symbolizes each stage of life, learning, challenges, and wisdom. The circle and participants prepare for the Circle by lighting white sage (a purifying plant). Each stage of life is honored as a Sacred Journey. We acknowledge those who have come before us, those who want to “Gone Home,” and for participants that are committed to live in a Sacred Way.  All participants are encouraged to write down words and messages to send in prayer to their Creator. It is believed that the elements (fire, wind, earth, water) take our prayers and deliver them. It is believed that when put into a flame of fire, the smoke is evidence of your prayer rising to the sky and accepted. Tobacco is then offered as a blessing for the gift of your answered prayer. Our Tree of Life also gives an opportunity to bring a token of love to hang on a tree branch or leave with Mother Earth for safe keeping. Your blessings for yourself and loved ones will forever be carried by the wind. It could be a simple gem, stone or ribbon in a color that has meaning to you. 



Wolf and Environmental Education

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