Wolf and Environmental Education

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Everything we have created has been designed with our younger generation in mind.  They are the pioneers and guardians of our future and armed with the truth, we know, they will certainly bring peace and harmony to our planet, forever. We believe that we must assist in healing the damage we have done to ourselves and our planet. We see this happening in our lifetime.

When wolves were eradicated from most of the Northern Hemisphere, we inadvertently eliminated trees and water  from the land.  Globally, we are becoming increasingly aware that nature is far more efficient than we are at creating healthy and sustainable ecosystems.  Our stressed planet needs all the relief  we can give. 

We Can Save the Wolves!


With our passion and programs, it is our greatest intention to expose the truth, educate and eradicate the myths and misconceptions about this magnificent, essential, yet most cast aside creature, the Wolf.  And in the end, we will save this species from possible extinction.