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Shadowland Foundation

Wolves in california

This Keystone species and their powers to heal our forests and water systems is a part of all of us and necessary for the very air we breathe. That's why we are asking if you would become one of our Wolf Angels. To continue our mission to "Educate not Eradicate" we are asking for help from those individuals that are able to give a gift of $5,000 or more as a tax deductible donation either once or on a yearly basis.
The funds would go a long way to help Shadowland Foundation:

·          Veterinary, Food & Overall Health Care
·          Training and Handling Expenses
·          Sustain Operational Costs, Insurance, Permits & Maintenance
·          Improve and Expand Outreach to Trauma Victims, Veterans & First Responders
·          Maintain the Land for Wolf Healing Retreats

.          Animal Assisted Therapy for First Responders

As this year ends we wish to applaud the passion you have shown for the wolves and know you care deeply about them; we have been so blessed to have you as our faithful supporters. Protecting the wolves, all wildlife, the wild lands and habitats necessary for their survival is a priority for us through education. This is a particularly dangerous time for wolves especially and their very survival depends on you and your continued commitment to helping us with our mission to "Educate not Eradicate."

Calling All Wolf Angels