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April 15, 2005 - October 30, 2018

This page is in memory of our beloved Alpha Female, mate to Takoda and mother of six of our beautiful pack family. She was Shadow's best friend as puppies and together they were the inspiration and founding wolves of our educational programs.

Alaska had white brothers when she was born.  Paul thought he was going to choose one for Shadow, but she did not like any of the boys. Shadow chose Alaska to the great fortune of the future of the pack.  Shadow was definitely the Alpha of the two, but due to her cancer, Alaska and Takoda became the Alpha pair.

She was an extraordinary mother; a grounding force to all our members. She graciously accepted and raised Freedom and Wahkahn as her own; and all miss her terribly.  In the wild, a pack will usually fall apart when the Alpha mom passes. It is our mission that keeps us all together now. She like Shadow, will always be with us in Spirit. We planted a Live Oak Tree in her honor here at the ranch. A solid representation of her for all of those whose hearts she touched and changed forever. 

As a pack, like Shadow, we will miss her more than words can express. We will be forever grateful for her contribution to our hearts, our humanity and to the wolves in the wild. She is quintessential wolf, the most beautiful of God's creations. She is never forgotten or very far from our hearts.

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