Wolf and Environmental Education

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Shadowland Foundation

Wolves in california

With our programs, it is our intention to expose, educate and eradicate the myths and misconceptions about this magnificent creature, the wolf.

URGENT!! Why it is so important to #SaveTheWolves

Despite what we have learned, wolves are set to loose their protections from the ESA (Endangered Species Act) this month. If so, we may loose the entire population it took 20 years to recover to trophy hunting. Please share this video with everyone you know.

Shadowland Foundation is an educational organization dedicated to teaching  about wolves and their contribution to the environment and to human healing. Our pack of 5 Alaskan Timber wolfdogs serve as ambassadors for the endangered Gray, Red, and Mexican Gray wolves in the wild. We are confident that as people get to know and experience our pack, they will love them as we do.

Photos by Eternally Yours Photography, Lynn Levitt, Eric Iwasaki, Debra Delahunty and Rubin Domingo.

 "When wolves were eradicated from most of the Northern Hemisphere, we inadvertently eliminated trees and water from the land. Globally, we are becoming increasingly aware that nature is far more efficient than we are at creating healthy and sustainable ecosystems. Our stressed planet needs all of the relief that we can give." 

"We can bring back the wolves!"

Shadowland Foundation is dedicated to educating children of ALL ages about the true nature of wolves. They have much to teach us about our own true and wild natures, and living in harmony with each other and our planet.

Only Shadowland Foundation offers a once-in-a-lifetime-experience for individuals, families, school groups, youth organizations, corporations, social clubs, etc. to  Meet and Play with our pack of 6 Alaskan Timber Wolves in California.